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I have tried to install your software, but all I get is the error message: "Setup is unable to run an intermediate file needed to proceed with the installation." "Error 105." What should I do?

Solution: We think, that it is the problem of temporary files or directories of the setup program.

The standard "TEMP" environment variable is used as path to directory for ALL Installation temporary files (including DLLs/Programs).

InstallShield requires at least the 500K free disk space into the "TEMP"-pointed directory.

Check way:

check the existence of the "TEMP" environment variable;
check the existence of the "TEMP"-pointed directory;
anyhow run "setup.exe", wait for the "Setup Intialization Error" message (! do not press the "OK" button !) and look into the "TEMP"-pointed directory.
One non-empty subdirectory (with "_ISTMP0.DIR" name) a few files
("_ins0166._mp","_ins0366._mp"...) must be.

Please clean up the "TEMP" directory, and repeat the setup.

Please also close any applications that are running.

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