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We can connect using basic telnet and ftp but the Xterm doesn't work. We get an error message saying rexecd: "couldn't look up address for your host" and below that a message saying "can't open socket"

Solution: Startup is a program for automating host access and X client startup with using the REXEC or RSH protocol. You can enter a single command and execute one on a host, or run a local startup file that will automatically start one or more X clients.
In order to use Startup, your host system must support either the REXEC or RSH protocol. Besides, you need to know the following information about any host you want to connect to:

1)For REXEC startup, your user ID name and password.

2)For RSH startup, your user ID name. Some hosts require your PC to be authorized before using RSH, as it does not require a password. On UNIX systems, you need to add your PC name to the host's /etc/hosts.equiv and the $HOME/.rhosts files .

Please check /etc/inetd.conf and /etc/services files on the remote host. The service file is a local source of information regarding each service available trough the Internet. The service file must contain a entry for each service. Each entry has the form: servis-name port/protocol aliases.

The /etc/inetd.conf file contains the list servers that inetd invokes when it receives an Internet request over a socket. Each server entry must be composed of single line of the form: service-name end-point-type protocol wait-status uid server-progtam server-arguments. Please check that this files contains lines: "exec ..." for REXEC, "shell ..." for RSH.

By using the "Startup" utility execute "PATH_TO_XTERM_PROGRAM/xterm -display $(LOCALIP):0&" command, where "PATH_TO_XTERM_PROGRAM" is path to the xterm program

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