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I cannot paste from Win apps to X apps. For example, if I copy a selection from a word doc, (using CTRL-C) and then use the X-SecurePro menu item "Edit -> Paste to X Selection", I am unable to then paste the X selection into an xterm window. It looks to me as though the middle mouse button (which I conventionally use for pasting in X) does not work properly since it appears to have no effect. For example, I cannot use the middle mouse button to slide the scroll- bar on the xterm, either.

Solution: Please disable the "Middle Button Emulation" setting. The default setting specifies a two-button mouse with Middle Button Emulation enabled. The third button is emulated by clicking both mouse buttons at once.

If you are using a 3-button mouse, click to disable the Middle Button Emulation check box. Please check that the installed Windows mouse driver provides the Window events for the middle button pressing.

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