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When using the X Display manager the font that is on the screen is the same as the one I am using now. But when I log in from the host or HP Xterminal the font looks like a 'sans serif' or 'arial' type of font. How can I get the required font? I noted down the fonts that are loaded by an Hp-Xterminal when it boots up from the host. They are /usr/lib/X11/700X/fonts/hp-roman8/75dpi/system19.snf and system23.snf, system16.snf, system17.snf, system13.snf, ser11x19.snf. I copied these fonts to my local PC and added these fonts to the font path, but when I started the X Display manager, I received garbage on the screen, where the login and password words were before.

Solution: HP-snf font format actually differs from X11-snf font format. X-SecurePro (XConnectPro)'s X-session processes only X11-snf fonts and cannot process HP-snf fonts. X-session cannot distinguish between these formats because they have the same file name extension.

You have to convert the HP-snf to X11-snf.

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