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Using ProNFS Client 2.1 to connect to a Sun Solaris 8 system. Have set up ProNFS v2.1 client to connect to an export file system. The PC boots fine and authenticates with the NFS server correctly. I am able to map network drives to the exported NFS file system. The problem is that the first time I access the export NFS file system, performance is good (a second or 2 at most). The more I browse around on the exported file system, the longer the PC takes to display the contents of folders. Each time I go to a folder (whether it is a folder I haven\'t visited yet or one that I have already been in), the amount of time it takes to display the contents gets longer. The amount of disk activity increases each time that I move to another folder. After browsing to 8-10 folders, the amount of time it takes to display the folder contents now is measured in minutes as opposed to a few seconds. I also see an increase in the amount of processing time the explorer uses. Could use some assistance.
We appear to have found the problem(s). 1) We have Norton Anti-virus client installed on all of our Windows systems. Once we turned off scanning of Network mapped drives, we saw a significant increase in performance and some of the bizarre behavior (system reboots) went away. 2) We have multiple exported file systems. One of the file systems has symbolic links to the other exported file systems. There appeared to be some issues with the NFS client when the show links option is set. Had to set that option to not show links to alleviate some bizarre behavior. More than likely, the problems we were experiencing were a combination of these 2 conditions. At this point assume that we have corrected the problem.
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