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I've installed the ProFNS into our Window 2000 advanced server without any difficulty. My user profile is administrator equalvalent. The problem I am facing now is the proNFS in the server was shut off when I log off from the server! How do I program proNFS in the server to remain active unless I manually shut it off?
Please download our beta release of running NFS as a service from the following link: Unzip it into the product home directory over the old one. Running it with the option '-RunAsExe' you get the previous mode, i.e. ordinary application. You can use that mode in order to make all settings. (i.e. sharing resources, setting permissions) Run it with the option '-install' will include the "XWP NFS server" into the list of sevices. You can start it then (via "ControlPanel->Services-Start") or stop. As to automount, if the file system is not accessed within an appropriate interval (five minutes by default), the automountd daemon unmounts the file system. You need not to reboot Your server. Just open "Control Panel - Services" select "XWP NFS Server" and push "Start" button. You can automount NFS when the server is started and change the (five minutes default) setting by doing the following: If You use the PC NFS client just check the "reconnect at logon" when you map the new network drive. In case UNIX based NFS client add an entry to your /etc/auto_usr file, for example: /pc_home :/c/Program Files/MS Office or use automount unix command. NAME automount - install automatic mount points SYNOPSIS /usr/sbin/automount [ -t duration ] [ -v ] AVAILABILITY SUNWcsu DESCRIPTION automount is a command that installs autofs mount points and associates an automount map with each mount point. The autofs filesystem monitors attempts to access directories within it and notifies the automountd(1M) daemon. The dae-mon uses the map to locate a filesystem, which it then mounts at the point of reference within the autofs filesys-tem. You can assign a map to an autofs mount using an entry in the /etc/auto_master map or a direct map. OPTIONS -t duration Specify a duration, in seconds, that a file system is to remain mounted when not in use. The default is 5 minutes. -v Verbose mode. Notify of autofs mounts, unmounts or other non-essential information. See details for Your client's OS or send us Your client OS type .
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