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When I run a Xsession I get the Linux login dialog box. After typing a valid user name and password, I get the login dialog again (after a few second delay).

Solution: In the Multiple Windows Mode, the local Windows Window Manager is used and any other Window Manager is blocked. This creates a problem with the Linux File Manager. For resolving your problems please create the ".xsession" file in your home directory.
During most installations, Xsession should look in the $HOME for a file .xsession, which contains the commands that each user would like to use as a session. In this file, the last command must be without "&". For example "$HOME/.xsession" file: /usr/X11/bin/fvwm95-2& #or another window manager /usr/X11/bin/xterm& # or another command /usr/X11/bin/xterm # or another command. It must be the last line (without "&" !!!!!!) But it is necessary to remember, what if you kill the last command ( which without "&"), the session will be crashed.

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