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Data encryption utility: LabVault Version 1.0

Date: 15 March 2004

Labtam is pleased to present a new software update for LabVault now Version 1.0. It is the first major release for the 2004 year.

LabVault is a simple data encryption software program. The program allows you to keep any files in encrypted form (in container files, "vaults") on the hard disk, removable disks and floppies. It can be installed on PCs under Microsoft Windows 2000/XP (and higher) operating systems.

1. Known problems:

I. Un-installation:

- the un-installation procedure does not remove components which were installed in additional (non-first) installation sessions. Such additional components should be removed manually.

II. The package is unusable under Win9x.

Single User licenses are free. Please visit the Software Pricing page for pricing on Multiple Licenses.

If at anytime you require any information or assistance please do not hesitate to e-mail us at: sales@Labtam-inc.com

Download and try LabVault software for FREE. (Demo version runs 60 minutes at a time.)


The programs associated in this package may send and/or receive broadcast IP requests. Since such packets cannot cross the nearest firewall/gateway/router, please be sure that these IP requests are invisible from outside your network. We assume that such behavior cannot be considered as "Hacking" or "Trojan horse's action".

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