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XSecurePro64 Version 1.4: 64bit X Server.

Date: February 12, 2007

Labtam is pleased to announce a new software release of X-server for Windows - XSecurePro64 Version 1.4. This is the first major release for the 2007 year.

XSecurePro64 is our latest X-Server based software addition for 64-bit Pcs. Not only does it contain the key X-Server elements, it also provides Encryption Security using the SSH standard from PC to host machine. XSecurePro64 brings you maximum Security to a PC and a company LAN/WAN or Intranet/Internet.

Integrating the Microsoft Windows and X-Window System environments XSecurePro64 is an inexpensive but powerful and effective way to transform a standard PC into a fully functional X-terminal.

Included in the package are the X-Window System, SSH, TCP/IP, FTP, TFTP, LPR, LPD, TELNET and NFS plus a whole lot more. Everything that you need to run all your remote Unix and X applications is included.

NOTES on this release (PLEASE READ):

1. The Beta MS Windows XP/2003/Vista x64 NFS-Client can be installed by running the self-extracting archive file, "nfsclx64.exe". This file and "nfsclx64.txt" can be found in the directory with the uncompressed package distributive.

2. The MS Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2K/2K3/XP/Vista NFS-Client can be installed by using the "Custom" installation mode only.

3. The Windows NT LPR printer driver is manually installed by running the self-extracting archive file, "lprd.exe". This file can be found in the directory with the uncompressed package distributive.

4. Use the "setup -wauto -s" command line (instead of "setup -auto") to start the "Silent Installation".

New Features on this release include:

1. Installation:
- The Installation procedure accepts a prepared file with NFS-Client settings. The file must have the "nfsclnt.cpr" name and locate in the package distributive directory ("near the setup.exe" file). It is especially useful for "silent" installations.
- The Installation procedure accepts a prepared file with Telnet settings. The file must have the "prosets.ini" name and locate in the package distributive directory ("near the setup.exe" file). It is especially useful for "silent" installations.

2. Ftp
- Enlarged the allowed name length of files or directories from 100 to 255 symbols;
- Improved comprehension of the StatusBar;
- Improved messages during Directory Copying.

3. Telnet and Telnet_SSH:
- Columns-selection-by-rectangular is supplemented with selection-by-filling that provides text highlighting selection in traditional manner.
- Implemented the "Quick Copy to Clipboard" mode, in which "Copy" is performed on release of the left mouse button.
- Implemented "Copy"/"Paste"-by-keyboard that are close to traditional manner. By default, "Copy"/"Paste" use the "Ctrl_L+Shift_L+C"/"Ctrl_L+Shift_L+V" keys combinations.
- Implemented the "Fit To Screen" setting on the "Text" tab for the "XTERM" emulation Type to guarantee that an application window is fully displayed on the PC's screen (i.e. it does not cross screen boundaries). If necessary, Scroll Bars are created.
- Implemented the "Dynamic resize" setting on the "Text" tab for the "XTERM" emulation Type to provide the "no scrollbar" mode. The actual Rows and Columns numbers are dynamically being changed while window resizing.
- The "XTERM" terminal emulation provides 16-colors mode instead of B/W one.
- More connection's parameters (UserName, LogLevel, Default Forwarding, etc) are saved in profile(s).

4. NFS-Server as NT Service:
- Implemented the "Enable logging (to NFSLOG.TXT)" setting for the NFS-Server as a NT Service.

5. NFS-Server
- Provides more expected date/time values for directories now;
- By default, the 'system', 'archive' or 'hidden' Windows file attributes are not used or changed at all;
- If a file has the "r" Unix attribute, then it will automatically have the "x" attribute as well;
- Implemented the "DisableReadCaching" manual setting to provide concurrent intensive access to files directly and via NFS connections;
- Implemented more informational trace logging.

6. NFS-Client for MS Windows NT4/2K/2K3/XP/Vista:
- NFS-Client is operational under MS Vista too;
- Implemented the NfsAlias assistant facility to view the NFS-Serves list and their exports with corresponding aliases. This information is useful for the "Net Use..." mapping way;
- Implemented the Nfsdrive facility as the useful own mapping tool. It allows you to avoid the Windows traditional 30-sec delay (per each IP address);
- Enlarged the allowed size of mapped export for the NFS-3 mode from 4 TeraBytes to 4 PetaBytes. This is of great importance to access exported RAIDs;
- Implemented recognition (and substitution) of the Windows reserved names (AUX, CON, COM1...);
- The position of the NFS-Client in the MS Windows Network Provider order is managed via the NFS-Client Settings. This is very useful when collisions with other MS Windows Network Providers take place (e.g., Microsoft Network Client).
- The NFSSetup installation utility accepts a prepared file with NFS-Client settings. This file must have the "nfsclnt.cpr" name.

7. NFS-Client for x64 MS Windows 2K3/XP/Vista:
- Implemented the Beta MS Windows XP/2003/Vista x64 NFS-Client.

8. XServer:
- The MESA Emulation mode is available if the "RENDER" Extension mode is enabled.
- Implemented new behavior of the "Virtual Root size" dimensions with "Fit to Screen Size" disabled. If the Width and/or Height fields have zero or negative values, then the actual screen size is the sum of this value and the corresponding dimension of the PC's Screen. For "Multiple" and "Multiple+RWM" modes, only the "0" and "-1" values are used.

9. XSettings
- Implemented a new version of the program that provides users with better outlook and more settings to adjust XServer's behavior.

The following bugs have been fixed:

1. Ftp
- Sometimes the "FXP:...not connected" unexpected message took place when copying files;
- Fixed error processing of file listing with some modern Ftp-daemons.

2. Telnet and Telnet_SSH:
- Fixed some bugs in the XTERM/Standard mode;
- Sometimes unexpected resizing of an application window took place.
- Fixed some bugs in viewing previous screens (including 1024-line screens).
- Fixed some bugs in marking a selection area (including those that were detected while focus and window activity changing).
- Sometimes incorrect "list of sessions" may appear. This is actual if the "Use SSH Forwarding" (SOCKS4) is used in FTP, XStartup and NFS-Client.
- Corrected the possibility to type in the "Passphrase" field for the "Use RSA key to log in" mode.

3. NFS-Server and NFS-Server as NT Service:
- NFS-Server can crash sometimes in NFS-3/UDP mode (depends on actual rsize/wsize values);
- It was not possible to set up or change the "modified time" directory attribute.

4. NFS-Server as NT Service:
- The NFS-Server as NT Service may unexpectedly output the "Perror...svc_run: - select failed..." error message while performing Service "Restart" or "Stop".

5. NFS-Client for MS Windows NT4/2K/2K3/XP:
- The driver crash (and BSOD) took place sometimes if the NFS-Server answered on requests with a large delay (because of, say, ZoreAlarm concurrent working);
- Fixed some bugs for the PCNFSD authentication mode (including those that were detected while working via MS Windows TSE Client).
- Accelerated disconnection (dismounting) of mapped drives due to more correct handling of the Mutex Shared Memory.
- If the MS Windows system has more than one IP address, then sometimes the displayed list of remote NFS-Servers might not be valid.
- The "Enable mounting of subdirectories" mode is more correct now.
- Fixed the crash (BSOD) that takes place when ZoneAlarm is installed on the same PC. The nature of the bug was in incorrect processing of pending system requests while performing Overlapped I/O operation.
- Corrected performing of the NFS-3 ReadDirPlus operation for the case when the remote directory is large.

6. XServer:
- Provided more correct output into log-files in the DynamicDisplayNumber mode;
- XServer/Single in the GLX/OpenGL32 mode showed leaking memory and GDI objects;
- Renovated GLX OpenGL32 and MESA DLLs and so become incompatible with the old XServer;
- Wrong displaying of some Umlaut symbols may take place on German or French versions of MS Windows.
- In the "Multiple" mode, a CDE logon menu "blinks" (appears and quickly disappears) on mouse button press.

Please read more about XSecurePro64 in product home section of Labtam Inc site.

Single User licenses are at $190.00 USD. Please visit the Software Pricing page for pricing on Multiple Licenses.

If at anytime you require any information or assistance please do not hesitate to e-mail us at:sales@Labtam-inc.com.

Download and try XSecurePro software for FREE. (30 day trial working version)


The programs associated in this package may send and/or receive broadcast IP requests. Since such packets cannot cross the nearest firewall/gateway/router, please be sure that these IP requests are invisible from outside your network. We assume that such behavior cannot be considered as "Hacking" or "Trojan horse's action".

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