This page is a part of DuplexDr online Help Manual.
DuplexDr is “Virtual Serial Port Pairs” Utility by Labtam.
DuplexDr creates a pair of virtual serial ports (VSP pair) "virtually connected to each other" in your system. Visit Home of DuplexDr for more information.

What is in DuplexDr

The DuplexDr package is an integrated software tool consisting of the following functional parts:

  • XVCINST.EXE – installs the DuplexDr driver
  • XVCUNINS.EXE – uninstalls the DuplexDr driver
  • XVCACTIV.EXE – checks the status of the DuplexDr driver
  • XVCCONF.EXE – configures the DuplexDr package
  • XVCTRC.EXE – sets up trace flags for the DuplexDr package
  • XVCDW2K.W2K – the DuplexDr driver for MS Windows 2000
  • XVCDW40.W40 – the DuplexDr driver for MS Windows NT4

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