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ProFTP is FTP client for windows by Labtam.
ProFTP is FTP software by Labtam providing FTP client for windows. This FTP program provides a rich set of features. Visit Home of ProFTP for more information.

The Server Menu


Closes an active connection with a FTP server (see Disconnecting From FTP server for details) displayed on the Remote files tab.

FXP/FTP Connect

Connects you with a FTP server using the Login as tab (see Connecting to the FTP Server) and then displays your home directory structure on the left panel of the main window. This mode lets you make directory/file operations on and between two remote FTP servers.

FXP Disconnect closes an active connection with a FTP server displayed on the left panel and takes you back to your local directory structure.

New Folder

Makes a directory on your PC or a FTP server (see Making Directory for details).

Remove Folder

Deletes a selected local/remote (empty) directory (see Removing Directory for details).

Copy Directory

Copies a selected directory to or from the host (see Copying Directory for details).


Refreshes the contents of the list boxes. Use this option to reload the file listing of the current directory. This option is only available if a connection is active. You may also refresh the current directory listing by pressing the Update panels button on the tool bar.


Exits the FTP program.

File Functions

This sub-menu has the following items for file management operations:

Copy Copying selected files
Copy As Copying a file with changing its name
ReTransfer Re-getting or re-putting a file
Append Appending one file to another
Rename Renaming a selected file
Delete Deleting selected files
Preview Viewing a selected file

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