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ProNFS is NFS client and server for windows by Labtam. High performance file sharing connectivity while enhancing your network performance and access. Visit Home of ProNFS for more information.


  • The current version of NFS-Server can use read/write buffers of 1024, 2048, 4096 or 8192 byte size (for NFS protocol version 2) and up to 32K (for NFS protocol version 3) (see the 'mount' command parameters 'rsize', 'wsize').

  • The current version of NFS-Server supports UNIX-like file names (directory and file names are case-sensitive and can have several extensions).

  • The file name length can be up to 256 characters.

  • The path length can be up to 512 characters.

  • The directory listing length can have up to 26000 items.

  • The maximum file size is defined by the NFS protocol version used for NFS connections and by the file system of exported directories on your PC.

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