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ReMapPro makes serial (RS232) data from your PC available on TCP/IP-based networks and makes TCP/IP data available on COM port on your PC. Visit Home of ReMapPro for more information.

Exporting Settings

By clicking on the Export Settings item in the ReMapPro Programs' folder (i.e., from the Start/Programs/ReMapPro menu):

you can store all the settings you have made on the COM-TCP/IP connection channel tabs of the Comport and Comserv windows into the rmapini.dat file. This ReMapPro configuration file will be created in the home directory and include data from files comport.dat, comserv.dat, and xwp.ini in the ASCII format.

With Export Settings, you can create several ReMapPro configuration files with different Comport and Comserv settings you need (using renaming of the rmapini.dat file before next exporting).

The ReMapPro configuration file, rmapini.dat, is used during secondary installations of the ReMapPro package (See section The Silent Installation Mode in chapter Running Setup). If you copy the file into the distributive directory, Setup will install the package and restore files comport.dat, comserv.dat, and xwp.ini from the rmapini.dat file (thus exporting settings from one installation site to another one).

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