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ReMapPro makes serial (RS232) data from your PC available on TCP/IP-based networks and makes TCP/IP data available on COM port on your PC. Visit Home of ReMapPro for more information.

Installing Comserv

If Comserv is not installed when you are trying to use it, then the following box brings up:

Click Yes to install Comserv and include it to the service list on your system. Then the Startup box will appear:

If you have a typical installation, many services are configured as Automatic (that is, they start automatically when the system starts or when the service is called for the first time). If a service is configured as Manual, you must start the service manually before it can be loaded by the operating system and made available for use. If a service is configured as Disabled, it cannot be started automatically or manually.

The service name is COMSERV.

In the Startup type list box of the Startup box, you should choose how the COMSERV service is started.

Select the Start service check box, if you want the service (configured as Automatic) to start immediately after its installation, and click Install.

You should test that you have configured Comserv to operate successfully in the Normal mode before attempting to run it as a MS Windows Service. (Refer to section Using Comport.)

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