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Configuring DuplexDr

To configure the DuplexDr package, you should launch the XVCCONF utility and then specify a number of virtual serial port pairs with or without the Restore property. You can do this by clicking on the XVCConf item in the DuplexDr Programs' folder (i.e., from the Start/Programs/ReMapPro/DuplexDr menu):

When you start up XVCCONF (with the DuplexDr driver installed), the following dialog box brings up:

You can create a new virtual serial port pair in the pool by entering port numbers in the COM edit fields and pressing the Add New Pair button in the New Port Pair box. As a result, you will see a new string with serial ports entered. The string means that DuplexDr will create the two virtual serial ports in your system and virtually "connect" them to each other (as though physical ports via null-modem cable), so serial data (in RS-232 protocol) can transfer through such a connection (DuplexDr will emulate the ports and the process).

With the Restore after PC restart check box enabled, the added pair is marked with the R suffix. This means that the pairs will be stored and loaded next session (so you will see them in the list).

To remove a virtual serial port pair from the list, highlight it and press the Delete button in the Existing Virtual Serial Port Pairs box.

The Refresh button allows you to restore the virtual serial port list to its initial (when beginning the session) state (after you have made some Add/Delete operations on the list).

Close saves your settings and applies them immediately.

The greatest value for the port number is 254, so the maximal number of VSP pairs you can have in your system is 127.

The standard version of DuplexDr allows you to enter up to 10 virtual serial port pairs and the advanced one up to 127 (according to your order).

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