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VPortPro-client with Com Port Control by Labtam.
VPortPro makes serial (RS232) data from your PC available on TCP/IP-based networks and makes TCP/IP data available on virtual serial ports of your PC. Visit Home of VPortPro for more information.

1. About This Manual

This User's Manual describes how to install, configure and use the VPortPro package on a 32-bit IBM PC or compatible personal computer running one of the following operating systems: MS Windows 2K/2K3/XP/XP-x64. A small volume of the manual reflects simplicity of using this software tool created nevertheless on the basis of up-to-date information technologies.

The following items will be covered:

  • Purpose and composition of VPortPro
  • Hardware & Software requirements of VPortPro
  • Installation procedure for VPortPro
  • Configuring VPortPro
  • VPortPro working sessions.

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