This page is a part of VPortPro online Help Manual.
VPortPro-client with Com Port Control by Labtam.
VPortPro makes serial (RS232) data from your PC available on TCP/IP-based networks and makes TCP/IP data available on virtual serial ports of your PC. Visit Home of VPortPro for more information.


You can uninstall the package by clicking on the Uninstall VPortPro item in the VPortPro Programs' folder (i.e., from the Start/Programs/VPortPro menu):

The program will prompt you to confirm removing the package from your computer.

When Uninstall VPortPro completed, some elements might not be removed. You should manually remove items related to the application.

Note that all the virtual serial ports created with the virtual serial port driver of VPortPro will be removed from your system.

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