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Example of running HSERVICE as a MS Windows 2000/XP service

Login to MS Windows XP as Administrator and install the VPortPro package and license file as per instructions.

You should test that you have configured COM Port Redirector Service to operate successfully in the Normal mode before attempting to run it as a MS Windows Service. (Refer to section Using COM Port Redirector.)

  • Creating the COM Port Redirector Service

    Install COM Port Redirector Service (as described in section Installing COM Port Redirector Service.)

  • Defining the HSERVICE's Properties

    1. Open the Services window.

      To open Services, click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel. Double-click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Services.

    2. In the Services window, scroll down to HSERVICE, right-click on the service, and then click Properties.

    3. On the General tab in the HSERVICE Properties window, set Startup type to Automatic.

    4. On the Log On tab, set the account field to .\Administrator.

      We prefer to choose the default option, i.e. the Local System account radio button, which is a powerful account that has full access to the system. If a service logs on to the Local System account on a domain controller, that service has access to the entire domain.

    5. On the Recovery tab, click the actions you want to take place when a service fails in First attempt, Second attempt, and Subsequent attempts (e.g., set First failure and Second failure to Restart the Service).

      If you select Run a File, do not specify programs or scripts that require user input.
      If you select Reboot the Computer, you can specify how long to wait before restarting the computer by clicking Reboot Computer Information.
      You can also create a message to display to remote users before the computer restarts.

      We prefer to choose the default option, Take no Action, for all the failures (First, Second, and Subsequent).

    6. Leave the Dependencies tab unchanged.

      The top list on the Dependencies tab identifies the other services that must be running for the selected service to function.
      The bottom list on the Dependencies tab identifies the services that require the selected service to be running so they can function.

    7. Click OK to save your settings and close the HSERVICE Properties window.

  • Making the MS Windows Firewall settings

    You must resolve access to COM Port Redirector Service for MS Windows Firewall (this is particularly actual for MS Windows XP Service Pack 2).

    1. Run MS Windows Firewall by clicking
      Start/Control Panel/Network and Internet Connections/Windows Firewall

    2. Open the Exceptions tab

    3. Choose Add program...

    4. Enter a path name for the COM Port Redirector Service executable file (PATH indicates your VPortPro home directory):


    5. Click OK.

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