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VPortPro-client with Com Port Control by Labtam.
VPortPro makes serial (RS232) data from your PC available on TCP/IP-based networks and makes TCP/IP data available on virtual serial ports of your PC. Visit Home of VPortPro for more information.

VPortPro V2.4 - Online Help manual

1. About This Manual
2. Introducing to VPortPro
2.1. What is in VPortPro
2.2. Typical Usage of VPortPro Software
3. The VPortPro Requirements
4. Installing VPortPro
4.1. Running Setup
4.2. Running UNINSTALL
4.3. Upgrading VPortPro
4.4. Multi-user Installation
5. Configuring VPortPro
5.1. Using ComSetup
5.2. Running ComSetup with Command Line Parameters
5.3. The "[NETWORK]" Section of the ini-file
6. VCOM-TCP Primary Client
6.1. Using VCOM-TCP Primary Client
6.2. Adding a Connection Channel
6.3. COM-port Settings
6.4. Configuring a Connection Channel
6.5. COM-port Settings
6.6. Monitoring COM Ports
6.7. The Advanced Box
6.8. Trace Settings
7. COM Port Redirector
7.1. Using COM Port Redirector
7.2. Adding a Connection Channel
7.3. Configuring a Connection Channel
7.4. TCP/IP Settings
7.5. COM Port Settings
7.6. Monitoring COM Ports
7.7. The Advanced Box
7.8. Trace Settings
7.16. The [VPORTPRO] Section of the ini-file
7.9. Using as Service
8. Exporting Settings
Appendix A. TCP/IP Connection Overview
Appendix B. Serial Connection Overview

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