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Starting and Terminating the LPD Program

You can start the LPD program by double-clicking on the LPD icon in the XConnectPro Programs' folder:

The LPD program determines accessible local (System) and Microsoft-network (Network) printers and creates the Windows printers list. Then it creates the Available printers list and modifies it with the previous information from the ini-file and your directions, and then iconifies itself.

If the ini-file has no LPD settings information yet, then the LPD Settings dialog box will appear on your display prompting you to specify it. (See section Configuring the Network Print Server below.)

When you start the LPD program from the task bar, the main LPD window will appear on your display, showing all printers found (system, network, and TCP printers).

You can then enter information required to provide or change access to them.

Note: LPD is not a service. If you don't bring up the LPD application, any print job sent from remote clients will not be printed.

The following menu items in the LPD window are available:


Used to terminate the Network Print Server (LPD).


Used to view the Available printers list with their states.


Used to change LPD settings (the printers list, queue directory and users' access).


Used to change fonts for displaying the LPD window.


Used to display the About LPD dialog box and this help text.

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