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7. Telnet

This chapter describes how to start and use the Telnet program supplied with XConnectPro.

Telnet is a communications and terminal emulation program for logging into remote machine and executing commands in a remote machine. It allows you to connect to and communicate with hosts that support the Telnet protocol and run a Telnet service over an insecure channel.

To provide terminal emulation from your computer running MS Windows, the remote host must be configured with the TCP/IP program, the Telnet service program (daemon), and a user account for your PC.

Once you have established a connection, you can use Telnet to start X clients and perform other operations outside the X Window System environment.

While you are using Telnet, your PC emulates one of the following terminal types: XTERM, ANSI, AT386; DEC VT52, VT100, VT125, VT220 or VT240, using connection-based services of TCP. You can specify the terminal emulation settings for the current connection by making the appropriate settings on the Settings option.

By using the Keyboard Mapping option (i.e. keymap editor invoking), you can load, change (re-define keys and create a new keyboard layout), and save any keyboard definition file.

You can start more than one Telnet session, and use Telnet to open multiple Telnet windows on a single host or different hosts at the same time.

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