This page is a part of XLitePro online Help Manual.
XLitePro is X Server for windows by Labtam bringing your PC to Unix and X-Windows. Visit Home of X Server for windows for more information.

Starting XServer

You can start XServer by double-clicking on the XSession icon from the XLitePro Programs' folder.

XServer will be started in a default window mode (according to settings stored in the ini-file used). When XServer is running, you can change the current window mode by selecting an appropriate item from the XServer's Control menu or by launching the XSettings utility. (See section Using XSettings in Chapter Configuring XLitePro.)

You can launch XSettings either from the XLitePro Programs' folder or from the XServer's Run menu. If you save new settings from XSettings in the ini-file, then you must restart XServer to re-read the file and to take them effect.

Also, see section Using ComSetup in Chapter Configuring XLitePro on how to make communication settings relating to the networking aspects of XLitePro that operate with the TCP/IP transport interface.

There are some additional settings you can specify to customize your X-sessions. They are described in section The "[XSETUP]" Section of the ini-file below.

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