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The "[XSETUP]" Section of the ini-file

The "[XSETUP]" section of the ini-file may have the following entry lines you can customize for particular needs and applications. These settings are absent in the XSettings dialog box.

On how to port XServer's settings (i.e., the "[XSETUP]" section of the ini-file) onto other PCs, see subsection Exporting XServer's Settings During Installation in section Running Setup in chapter Installing XLitePro.


You can use this binary setting to enable the standard MS Windows Context Menu (i.e. the standard drop-down menu will appear with right-clicking on a window's title bar).


This option specifies the mode of connection between MS Windows Clipboard and a current X Selection.

ConnectXWClipboards=7 is the default value (when the Auto Clipboard Copy&Paste check box in the XSettings window is checked).

Three of the least significant bits in p specify one of three main kinds of auto-copying:

  • bit e1=1 enables copying from MS Windows Clipboard to X Selection;

  • bit e2=1 enables copying from X Selection to MS Windows Clipboard;

  • bit e3=1 makes copying from X Selection to MS Windows Clipboard when any window controlled by XServer loses its activity.
ConnectXWClipboards=0 disables automatic copying MS Windows Clipboard and X Selection when they are changed, i.e. there is no immediate link between MS Windows Clipboard and X Selection (when the Auto Clipboard Copy&Paste check box in the XSettings window is not checked).


You can use this binary setting to display the standard arrow cursor instead of real cursors of X-Clients. This helps accelerate displaying cursors.


This option specifies the "old-style" keyboard mapping (like it was on the AIX X console, X-Terminals, etc.). This is the actual mode for some AIX X-Clients that work with fixed keyboard mapping only.


This binary setting allows XServer to only use the "PseudoColor" visual with the "888" colors weight instead of the default value of "666".
This mode of XServer (in the 8-bits mode) is useful for some old CAD/CAE systems.


This option is used to set up the value for the 'MiddleButton wait timeout', in msec.


You can use this binary setting to provide a graceful termination of X-Clients on suspending PCs.

Emulate WM window substrate=1

This option is for the Multiple mode of XServer.
In this mode, the local window manager provides usual behavior, but each top-level non-popup X window has a parent window controlled by the window manager.


This option toggles the actual CapsLock keyboard key to unlatched mode, i.e. XServer will consider the CapsLock key as a normal key (non-toggling).

This is the actual setting if you re-map the CapsLock key in the kmf-file (say, interchanging the CapsLock and LeftControl keys, that is popular among some users on SUN machines).


This option specifies for XServer to use the standard fonts.alias file name.

Historically, XServer uses the fonts.ali name to list font aliases in the file.

This setting is useful when XServer uses a mounted font directory.


This setting provides the "old-style" way of using the select WinSock API request.

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