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X-SecurePro is X-Server for windows by Labtam bringing your PC to Unix and X-Windows. Seamless Secure integration from PC to Unix and X-Window System. Bringing Maximum Security while still finding all of the standard access of X11, TCP/IP, FTP, TFTP, LPR, TELNET, NFS and SSH. Visit Home of X Server for windows for more information.

6. Configuring XSecurePro

This chapter describes how to configure the XSecurePro package with the configuration utilities. The utilities allow you to set up XSecurePro for your preferences, your host system and your PC.

XSecurePro supplies two configuration utilities:

  • ComSetup allows you to make communication settings relating to the networking aspects of XSecurePro that operate with the TCP/IP transport interface

  • XSettings is used to make control settings relating to all aspects of XSecurePro (mainly for XServer) except networking.

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