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X-SecurePro is X-Server for windows by Labtam bringing your PC to Unix and X-Windows. Seamless Secure integration from PC to Unix and X-Window System. Bringing Maximum Security while still finding all of the standard access of X11, TCP/IP, FTP, TFTP, LPR, TELNET, NFS and SSH. Visit Home of X Server for windows for more information.

The Settings Option

You can specify the terminal emulation settings for the current connection by choosing the Settings item on the Options menu from the main window.

Also, you can click the Settings button in the Telnet Connect Host dialog box where you can also make some initial settings for your session (that are described in subsection Details of a Session in section Starting and Terminating Telnet_SSH).

The Telnet Settings window presents you with a dialog of six tabs that allow you to view and modify the current terminal emulation settings:

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