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12. LPD - Network Print Server

This chapter describes how to start and use the LPD (Line Printer Daemon) program supplied with XSecurePro64.

LPD is a Network Print Server (daemon) that provides access to your local (attached to your PC) and Microsoft-network-accessible printers from remote computers across TCP/IP network. The remote computers must use the print program that supports the Berkeley Line Printer protocol (lpr client).

While using LPD, you can:

  • Change the printer list and printer parameters (add/remove a network printer, edit settings of network printers)

  • Enable or disable printing files from remote computers

  • Specify the list of users who can print files on your networked printers.

(See Request For Comments #1179. This RFC describes an existing print server protocol widely used on the Internet for communicating between line printer daemons (both clients and servers).

The Berkeley versions of the UNIX operating system provide line printer spooling with a collection of programs: lpr (assign to queue), lpq (display the queue), lprm (remove from queue), and lpc (control the queue). These programs interact with an autonomous process named the line printer daemon.)

LPD provides German and/or French messages and text labels under the corresponding national version of MS Windows.

Note: the LPR printer driver for MS Windows NT4 is manually installed by running the self-extracting archive file, lprd.exe. This file can be found in the distributive directory with uncompressed package installation files.

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