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A Note on Copy and Paste

A number of copy and paste commands described in this chapter resemble an X Selection. In the X environment, the X Selection is a buffer with a specific name and properties that stores data you select in an X client's window.

The X Selection also serves as the source for certain XSecurePro64 copy commands and the target for certain paste commands.

X Selections are the mechanisms you can use to copy data from X to Windows or vice versa.

The name of the X Selection a client uses and how it is used (for text or image) depends on the client. Most use the PRIMARY X Selection, but other selections like SECONDARY and CUT_BUFFER0 through CUT_BUFFER7 are also defined. Some clients can make use of more than one X Selection.

If you find that data is not being copied or pasted, XSecurePro64 provides the X Selection item on the Options menu. This item lets you define which X Selection to use (see The Options Menu below).

The Auto Clipboard Copy&Paste check box (in the XSettings window) controls the mode of connection between the MS Windows Clipboard and the current X Selection. When enabled, then changing of the MS Windows Clipboard contents will force the same change in the current X Selection. Also, changing of the contents of the current X Selection (from the active application window) will automatically cause copying it into the MS Windows Clipboard (so you are ready to paste).

Also, you can control the mode of connection between MS Windows Clipboard and a current X Selection by specifying the ConnectXWClipboards setting described in section The "[XSETUP]" Section of the ini-file below.

Also, see Appendix C Troubleshooting for examples.

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