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XSecurePro64 is X Server for windows by Labtam bringing your PC to Unix and X-Windows. Visit Home of X Server for windows for more information.

Full Screen Mode

This mode presents all X clients in a single root window taking up full the screen outside the Microsoft Windows graphical environment. The window management and all other functions are typically controlled by an X Window System window manager you start on a host.

For transition from the X Window System graphical environment into the Microsoft Windows graphical environment, the ScrollLock key is used. In the MS Windows environment, the Full Screen mode displays the XSession icon at the bottom of your display. Functions that affect XServer as a whole are controlled by clicking this icon.

For transition from the Microsoft Windows graphical environment into the X Window System graphical environment, the Alt+Esc or Alt+Tab keys are used.

If you used the Virtual Root box (described in section Using XSettings in Chapter Configuring XSecurePro64) to define a virtual screen larger than your display, you can display all parts of the virtual screen by moving a cursor to borders of PC's physical screen. Trying to move the cursor beyond a physical screen border results in the virtual screen moving in an opposite direction.

Example of Initiating a Login Session by Using XDMCP

First, make sure that xdm-daemon is running on your remote host and check the XDMCP configuration. Make sure that your remote host is accessible from your PC (e.g., with the Ping utility). Also, make sure that your PC is accessible from your remote host. If OK, then you may initiate a login session by using XDMCP like the following steps:

1) Specifying required settings

  • Start XSettings by double-clicking on the XSettings icon from the XSecurePro64 Programs' folder (the XSettings window should appear)

  • Select Full Screen from the Window Mode List

  • Enable the Use XDMCP check box and click Settings from the XDMCP section (the XDMCP Settings window should appear)

  • Enter the IP address or the network name for the remote host you want to connect to in the Connect Host field

  • Choose Query in the XDMCP mode section to specify requesting to the host

  • Specify other required XDMCP settings

  • Click OK to save your settings and exit XDMCP Settings

  • Specify other required settings

  • Click OK to save your settings and exit XSettings

2) Initiating X-session

  • Start XServer by double-clicking on the XSession icon from the XSecurePro64 Programs' folder (the X-session window should appear with the Login window of XDMCP)

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