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XSecurePro64 is X Server for windows by Labtam bringing your PC to Unix and X-Windows. Visit Home of X Server for windows for more information.


You can assign a name to the connection data set by entering it in the Profile edit field. This set includes: HostID, UserName, Password, Confirms.

The text displayed in this field can either be the profile name that is selected in the list, or it can be text that has just been entered. Click on an entry in the list to choose the profile and automatically display the related connection information for it. Any relevant data previously configured in the connection dialog for each server will be displayed after its selection from the list.

To edit an existing profile name, simply select the profile to edit from the list, then move the cursor to the point in the profile name that you wish to change, and make the desired changes.

To add a profile to the profile list, click on the Save button.

To remove a profile from the profile list, select it in the profile list box and press the Delete button.

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