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Labtam How-to Guides.

How to Setup NFS Client on Windows XP - Step by step Guide

Unix/Linux related sites.

Unix Guru Universe - The Official Home Page for Unix System Administrators - volunteer supported site created for and by the Linux and Open Source communities. - a table of common UNIX (AIX HP-UX LINUX & SOLARIS) commands, tasks and news. - community site for UNIX IT professionals offering information on development, administration, and security. - "Where You'll Find Everything under the Sun for the Sun"
ITtoolbox UNIX - ITtoolbox maintains portals, or knowledge bases, for each major segment of the IT industry, including UNIX, LINUX, Networking.
Linux Journal - the premier Linux magazine.

Sysadmin resources

Unix Sysadm Resources - Unix System Administration site.
Tek-Tips - Technical Work Forums for Computer Professionals.
Sys admin - the journal for UNIX system administrators
Server/Workstation expert - the leading publication for server-based computing solutions
Network Computing - online technology resource center.

Labtam Inc. provides software solutions for connectivity between UNIX-based systems and your PC. Our product range includes X-Server, X-Server with encryption capability, NFS client and server, SSH client, FTP client server.

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