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Labtam History

History Of Labtam.

The name Labtam has been around since 1972. It began business in Melbourne, Australia as a hardware manufacturing company.

They began making Scientific Instruments such as Spectrometers for mining companies and companies alike. Later they diversified into Unix based systems and X-Terminal machines. The first products developed were a range of UNIX workstations, which received international acclaim and enjoyed significant commercial success. Then in 1989 Labtam produced the world first RISC X terminals

Labtam worked with Intel Inc., in developing X-Terminal software for the Intel i960 CPU. This technology was eventually sold to Intel Inc., and Intel began supplying the X-Terminal technology to both IBM and HP.

Labtam began selling throughout the world and won many Australian export awards.

During the mid to late 1980's, Labtam began to get out of hardware manufacturing because of the rising costs. Margins on hardware began to shrink because of cheaper imports becoming available.

All hardware operations were sold, with the X-terminals being sold to Tektronix Inc. and other companies picking up the rest of Labtam's assets.

Labtam began to move into Software development at this time with a very talented work force. They embarked on several new software packages. Some failed and others showed promise.

One package in particular became a real success story for Labtam. It was a simple to use X Server Package.

It was a PC based X-terminal software package that enabled connecting with Unix based servers and bringing the X-Windows systems back to the PC without any hardware being needed. It quickly became very popular among educational institutions and later on to government bodies and the private sector that demanded low cost but which didn't want to compromise on reliability, simplicity and ease of use.

The product sold for less than $100 USD, which it is still today. This price per license was implemented because Labtam thought that all Windows based software should not be anymore expensive than the Windows operating system. At the time also, there were only a few developers making this type of software at outrages prices.

When the Internet began coming to life in the early 1990's, Labtam saw this as an opportunity and good marketing tool to sell its range of products. Labtam felt that it had the right formula for product and price and felt that the Internet would complete it in its marketing assault.

The Internet fitted in very well with our sales growth of the Labtam products. We were able to sell our software directly to our customers, while still providing a low price and were able to administer all control under our own terms.

As we begun setting ourselves on the Internet and as we became more well known, Labtam began developing other companies' software packages. We sold under contract to a number of companies around the world under there own named brand.

The software market in the United States was the biggest in the world for the X-Server package, but Labtam decided to start in Europe and build its foundations.

During 1996 Labtam made available both NFS and FTP available on the X Server package. We then split up both Utilities into separate packages named ProNFS (NFS client and Server) and ProFTP (FTP client).

By late 1999 customers were crying for a SSH client. We developed a SSH-client named SSHPro. During it's early stages it needed to be installed with one of our other product lines. Buy early 2000 it became a standalone package.

The rest is history with over 1 million copies on the world market today under the Labtam name and a figure continually growing fast.

We have over 20 years experience in X technology. A great team of Experts in the field to make using our products easy and simple. Labtam's products offer solid performance, are inexpensive and simple to install and operate, and are backed with unlimited free customer support.

We continually keep being asked "HOW we can sell at such a low price"?. All of our software source code is Labtam owned. We don't license from any 3rd parties any of our utilities found on any of our software packages. The company is run as a cash flow positive business with no loans and Labtam is kept as a private company.

Our users are the best advertising for Labtam. If our product is good, stable, easy to use and well priced, it is only time that will make our products a big success in the market place.

Labtam does not believe in having hi sales costs for its products, what Labtam believes are its keys to keep building a good product, is the need to keep a skillful development team and look after our users by providing affordable technologies to meet the worlds evolving needs.

With a customer base of over 30,000 companies around the world and our product being sold to over 100 countries, we are in it for the long term in providing software technologies to meet the worlds evolving needs.

Our product range includes X-Server, X-Server with encryption capability, NFS client and server, SSH client, FTP client server.

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