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DuplexDr Version 1.5 - the “Virtual Serial Port Pairs” Utility

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What is in DuplexDr

The DuplexDr package is an integrated software tool consisting of the following functional parts:

  • XVCINST.EXE – installs the DuplexDr driver
  • XVCUNINS.EXE – uninstalls the DuplexDr driver
  • XVCACTIV.EXE – checks the status of the DuplexDr driver
  • XVCCONF.EXE – configures the DuplexDr package
  • XVCTRC.EXE – sets up trace flags for the DuplexDr package
  • XVCDW2K.W2K – the DuplexDr driver for MS Windows 2000
  • XVCDW40.W40 – the DuplexDr driver for MS Windows NT4

Product PAD-files are available here.

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