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Version Comparisons

Information below describes the feature changes on XLitePro.

Major differences 2.1/Release:20090726 from the differences 2.0/Release:20080606 version

The following enhancements have been made:

1. XServer:
- the usage of MS Windows IME helper is blocked, because it is useless with XServer. To enter CJK text in an X client, you need to run any remote XIM server X-Client(e.g. "scim" or "gcin")
- Unicode titles of windows and icons in "Multiple" mode are provided if set as COMPOUND_TEXT lines or by "_NET_WM_NAME"/"_NET_WM_ICON_NAME" properties.
- multi-monitor "21" combination is allowed from now in all modes (including "FullScreen")
- xwp.ini/"[XSETUP]"/"PromptOnSuspend=1" implemented to control the transition to the "Suspend" PC mode.
- the FullScreen window can be created shifted using new mklShiftPriMonY0/X0 manual settings as default for mklFullScreenX0/Y0
- the mklFullScreenX0/Y0 manual settings allows to set the necessary position of the XServer/FullScreen window
- many operational X-Sessions may be run with the same Display Number if you use separate local IP address for each X-Session.
Very actual for PC with many IP addresses.

2. Startup:
- "joblist.xml" file is used from now instead of the "joblist.ini".
Automatical convertation is provided.
- the Status bar shows your actual "DisplayName" value and"ini"-file specification.
- the specific name of joblist file may be set in each your "xwp.ini" file
- the new "Close Job" button implemented to dismiss the usage of the another "ini"-file (which was loaded because of "Open Job.." action)
- any foreign SOCKS4 server may be used (earlier - only own Telnet/SSH's ones)

3. Settings:
- The XStartup facility can be started from the Run -> XServer tab.
Is actual if you use variable name of JobList file in different "xwp.ini" - files.

The following bugs have been fixed:

1. XServer:
- the default position of creating windows in "Multiple" mode was wrong sometimes

2. Startup:
- the actual DisplayNumber is used in starting telnet/SSH
(earlier "X11 Forwarding" used only DisplayNumber=0);
- the correct toggling of the "iniSpf" attribute of creating jobs is provided after each "Open Job.." action

3. Settings:
- Was not refreshed the state of buttons on the after Run -> NFS-Server servive -> Start service
- On the Troubleshooting tab the "IP address to access to XServer" setting was processed incorrectly (reversed).

4. Telnet:
- In the file telnet.out password and user-id were logged unencrypted.

Major differences 2.0/Release:20080606 from the differences 1.9/Release:20070707 version

New Features on this release include

1. XServer:
- under Vista, with the "DesktopComposition" mode was enabled, the resizing/moving of windows in "Multiple" mode was very slow;
- the "TerminateOnSuspend=1" mode was implemented to provide a graceful termination of X-Clients on suspend of PC's;
- the XServer will be able to keep up to 126 X-Clients;
- the Animated Cursors are available now in "enabled RENDER" mode; The sofisticated scaling, cuttings and ARGB processing are provided.
- the "DisableRENDERAnimCursor=1" mode was implemented to provide the standard arrow instead of the true client cursor. This was done to accelerate and to prevent some ugly cursors of some X-Clients;
- the "-hwndParent " option was implemented to allow to run the XServer/Single as subwindow of another Windows window. This is for the implementation of the "embedded XServer" ActiveX mode (see the xsrv_ax.txt for details);
- the Reply time limit of reading fonts from a FontServer are controlled now to avoid the delays for huge fonts (say, ISO10646 fonts)

2. XStartup:
- the "Disconnect" button was implemented for RLogin/RExec/RSH modes to process the possible infinite (with disabled "Exit after timeout of" setting) timeout carefully;
- the "LogFile" settings is available for RLogin

3. Telnet:
- some terminals ("vt100","vt52"..) were not colored originally. The deviation from the strong emulation was implemented to allow to use colors for such as terminal types.

The following bugs have been fixed:

1. Telnet:
- the "Colors" attribute of the "VT240" terminal type (in the "terminfo.ini" file) incorrectly has the "3" value. It was changed to the correct "Colors=16";
- the initialization of the terminal window is more correct now;
- some bugs during the loading, viewing and edition of profiles were fixed;
- the "Log All session output" provides now the same with the "Log Prontable output only" Logging mode (wrongly did nothing, what is unexpected).

2. XServer:
- under Vista, with the "DesktopComposition" mode enabled, the drawing of "Rubber Rectangular"(e.g., "Edit"->"Copy Rectangular") resizing or moving of X-Client windows are very slow and dirtied the screen; (the "DesktopComposition" mode usually available in the AERO mode);
- fixed the error if the "KEYnn=MAC_macrofile.." item is used in a ".kmf" keyboard mapping file;
- the "ILikeXWinPro52=1" manual setting allows to provide the only "PseudoColor" visual with "888" colors weight instead of the default "666". This mode of the XServer (in 8-bits mode) is useful for some old CAD/CAE systems.
- reanimated the possibility to use the usual Windows "hosts" file as HostAccess list (when host access check is enabled).
- the unexpected "...-0-..." fonts are returned in answer xlsfonts when the fonts scaling is disabled. As result, some texts on screen (in this mode) may be unreadable.

3. XStartup:
- In rlogin mode the XStartup sends two end-line symbols (CR and LF) instead of the correct one (CR).
This unexpected carriage-return symbol might lead to incorrect action of the "read" operation on the remote side.

4. XSettings:
- the "Default" button of the "Startup" tab did some incorrect settings as default.

Major differences 1.9/Release:20070707 from the 1.8/Release:20070119 version

New Features on this release include

1. XServer:
- Implemented the "Reduce heavy Graphic" mode.
- Added the "XKEYBOARD_Extension" setting.
- Restored the "new old" mode ("TrPW2") for non-standard X11-Clients. Now its name is "Emulate WM window substrate".
- Implemented the "RecoveryAutoClipboard" mode to avoid the incorrect behaviour of some MS Windows applications, which do not process correctly the Clipboard Event queue.

2. ComSetup
- Now ComSetup is placed in the new "Settings" facility.
- Implemented the "SilentBell" setting.

3. XSettings
- Now XSettings is placed in the new "Settings" facility.
- Added the "Advanced"->"Reduce heavy Graphic" setting.
- Added the "Troubleshooting"->"Emulate WM window substrate" setting.

4. Settings
- New facility that integrates the "ComSetup" and "XSettings" facilities.

The following bugs have been fixed:

1. XServer:
- Sometimes XServer/Multiple displayed the mouse cursor in non-active windows incorrectly.
- XServer in the GLX/OpenGL32 mode can crash sometimes when terminating a GLX X11-Client.
- The "Icon on system Taskbar" mode is provided more correctly now.
- In the "Use RENDER Extension" mode, some X11-Clients may give a "dirty", unclear black dots.
- The "Ferret" package, running on the same PC, caused the XServer to crash when closing one of two (!!!) Ferret's windows.
- The infinite resize loop with Mahogany Save as file dialog took place in the "Multiple" mode.
- Qt3 "designer" does not work with CTRL+MOUSE combination.
- In the "FullScreen" mode, the mouse events from outside the XSession window (e.g. when PC has a non-single monitor) were processed incorrectly.

2. XSettings
- The "Font control"->"Pseudo fonts"->"Use pseudo fonts"->"Save" corrupted the "xwp.ini" file.

Major differences 1.8/Release:20070119 from the 1.7/Release:20060612 version

New Features on this release include

1. Installation:
- The Installation procedure accepts a prepared file with Telnet settings. The file must have the "prosets.ini" name and locate in the package distributive directory ("near the setup.exe" file). It is especially useful for "silent" installations.
- Improved messages during Directory Copying.

2. Telnet:
- Columns-selection-by-rectangular is supplemented with selection- by-filling that provides text highlighting selection in traditional manner.
- Implemented the "Quick Copy to Clipboard" mode, in which "Copy" is performed on release of the left mouse button.
- Implemented "Copy"/"Paste"-by-keyboard that are close to traditional manner. By default, "Copy"/"Paste" use the "Ctrl_L+Shift_L+C"/"Ctrl_L+Shift_L+V" keys combinations.
- Implemented the "Fit To Screen" setting on the "Text" tab for the "XTERM" emulation Type to guarantee that an application window is fully displayed on the PC's screen (i.e. it does not cross screen boundaries). If necessary, Scroll Bars are created.
- Implemented the "Dynamic resize" setting on the "Text" tab for the "XTERM" emulation Type to provide the "no scrollbar" mode. The actual Rows and Columns numbers are dynamically being changed while window resizing.
- The "XTERM" terminal emulation provides 16-colors mode instead of B/W one.

3. XServer:
- The MESA Emulation mode is available if the "RENDER" Extension mode is enabled.
- Implemented new behavior of the "Virtual Root size" dimensions with "Fit to Screen Size" disabled. If the Width and/or Height fields have zero or negative values, then the actual screen size is the sum of this value and the corresponding dimension of the PC's Screen. For "Multiple" and "Multiple+RWM" modes, only the "0" and "-1" values are used.

4. XSettings
- Implemented a new version of the program that provides users with better outlook and more settings to adjust XServer's behaviour.

The following bugs have been fixed:

1. Telnet:
- Fixed some bugs in the XTERM/Standard mode;
- Sometimes unexpected resizing of an application window took place.
- Fixed some bugs in viewing previous screens (including 1024-line screens).
- Fixed some bugs in marking a selection area (including those that were detected while focus and window activity changing).

2. XServer:
- Provided more correct output into log-files in the DynamicDisplayNumber mode;
- XServer/Single in the GLX/OpenGL32 mode showed leaking memory and GDI objects;
- Renovated GLX OpenGL32 and MESA DLLs and so become incompatible with old XServer;
- Wrong displaying of some Umlaut symbols may take place on German or French versions of MS Windows.
- In the "Multiple" mode, a CDE logon menu "blinks" (appears and quickly disappears) on mouse button press.

Major differences 1.7/Release:20060612 from the 1.6/Release:20051120 version

New Features on this release include

1. Telnet:
- Implemented the named "profiles" (pre-set sessions).
- Saved telnet-screens ("back buffer"). Can now be written to a file.
- Implemented Saving of Screen history (i.e., Saving of all Extend Screens).
- Improved flexibility for the XTERM emulation mode.
- Implemented the UTF-8 substitution.
- Implemented the "-prof profilename" option in the command line.

2. XServer:
- Implemented two macros, "TraceWS_9", "TraceWS_OFF", to control network tracing.
- Implemented the RENDER Extension (not available in 8-bit mode). This also provides wider range of available pixmap depths.
- Implemented the "MAX_XSELECTION_BYTES=..." manual setting to enlarge the default (1MB) size for X-Selection which may be copied to/from the MS Windows Clipboard.
- Implemented the "AllowCONTEXTMENU=1" manual setting to allow the standard MS Windows Context Menu.
- Implemented the "CheckXDesk=1" manual setting to provide the correct focus processing by the XDesk virtual desktop manager.

3. X-Clients:
- Added the "xdpyinfo" X-Client.

The following bugs have been fixed:

1. Telnet:
- The selection rectangular did not clear all the time.
- Suppressed any unnecessary Telnet attempts to update the read-only ".ini"-files.

2. XServer:
- Dot defects may take place when Dashed line drawing.
- An empty IP list may take place when your PC has a non-single IP address.

Major differences 1.6/Release:20051120 from the 1.5/Release:20050429 version

New Features on this release include

1. Comsetup:
- implemented the "Disable Log Output" setting to prevent attempts to write in the ".out" and ".ini" files from any of the package's facility

2. Ping (renovated):
- implemented the IPv6 support (in both the ICMP and TCP modes)
- TCP ping is allowed to standard TCP/IP echo port 7 as well as to any other TCP port entered
- allows to scan the LAN

3. Telnet:
- implemented the IPv6 support

4. XStartup:
- implemented the "empty Default UserID for Jobs" setting to suppress using the Windows logon name as default in the Jobs' "Startup Login" dialogs

5. XServer:
- changed the default keycode for the Mode_switch key from 255 to 254 to satisfy HP XDMCP
- changed the NumLock keycode from 140 to 77 in the "Keyboard Mapping for Linux" mode
- allowed "KEY126". It is used in the PortBraz ABNT2 keyboard as "KEY126= 0x2e, 0x2e ; (XK_period,XK_period)"
- the ibmremap.ini file provides additional keycode remapping
- implemented the XKB Extension as option (requires the "+kb" option yet)
- users can disable any/all items of the XServer's Control menu. The following line must be manually inserted in the "[XSETUP]" section of the "xwp.ini" file to block all the menu items:
- implemented the IPv6 support except for the XDMCP mode

6. X-Clients: - implemented the IPv6 support

The following bugs have been fixed:

1. Ping (renovated):
- stopped the usage of raw sockets. The standard MS Windows ICMP interface is used instead to allow non-admin users to use ping.

2. XSetup:
- compiling WINFONTS resulted in an application crash

3. XFontset Service:
- viewing WINFONTS used resulted in an application crash

4. XServer:
- using WINFONTS resulted in an application crash
- the PolyFillRect X11 operation sometimes resulted in the XServer crash
- the accept() network request is performed more carefully to suppress wrong delays during a remote desktop startup process
- removed the curious for TrueColor mode (but wrong) influence of Refresh Palette settings

5. XServer in the "Multiple+RemoteWM" mode:
- fixed some focus/activation by mouse bugs (in both the "point window" and "click window" focus modes)
- sometimes the mouse cursor view was wrong
- sometimes failed window creating and/or positioning (e.g. using the AFNI program package)
- sometimes menu usage was wrong because of the wrong windows order in XServer (e.g. MATLAB under CDE-1.5/1.6 on SunSolaris machines)

Major differences 1.5/Release:20050429 from the 1.4/Release:20041126 version

New Features on this release include

1. Startup:
- implemented the Telnet startup mode
- implemented the "-lxdn []" option to set up the "$(DISPLAYNUMBER)" macros (the "-lxdn" option means lookup running XServer)
In this case, XServer must already have been started

2. Telnet:
- Telnet can be started as a non-interactive session via the Startup facility
- implemented the "-mout []" command-line option to provide a "readable" log-file for the session
- implemented the "-lxdn []" command-line option to set the "DISPLAY" session environment variable if a remote daemon supports it (the "-lxdn" option means lookup running XServer)
- Telnet understands the local XServer's "DynamicDisplayNumber" mode and correctly looks for the running XServer

3. XSetup:
- added the Portuguese (Brazilian) keyboard mapping file, "portbraz.kmf"

4. XServer:
- the XStartup and Telnet are invoked with the "-lxdn " option (from the XServer's "Run" submenu)
- the last state of the "If Colormap Changed" setting in the XServer's "Options" submenu is saved for future sessions
- XServer/Multiple+RWM provides more convenient behavior of new windows including the XDMCP Logon window
- XServer/GLX/Mesa conforms to Mesa 6.2.1

5. X-Clients:
- added the "xmodmap" X-Client
- added the "glxinfo" and "glxgears" GLX X-Clients
- implemented the "libGL.dll", "libGLU.dll", "libGLUT.dll" and "libXI.dll" libraries to provide GLX X-Client's run-time environment

The following bugs have been fixed

1. Installation:
- the silent installation did not correctly use some saved installation parameters (i.e. the "Destination directory")

2. Telnet:
- more correct restarting to remove a possible "restart loop" and crash after the "password->"Disconnect" action

3. XSetup:
- removed some non-actual settings

4. XServer:
- XServer/Multiple+RWM incorrectly processed the disabling (from X-Client) of the shape region
- sometimes the XTRANS/accept() error code was processed incorrectly that led to unexpected error messages
- the composer key is accepted from the KeyPress moment (it was from the KeyRelease moment, that is not correct)
- reanimated the "Raise all windows" action in the XServer's menu
- fixed the possible incorrect processing of "shading"

Major differences 1.4/Release:20041126 from the 1.3/Release:20040707 version

The following enhancements have been made

1. Installation:
- The InstallShield X is used in the installation procedure. 16-bit executables are not used from this version

2. Startup:
- corrected processing of the XServer DynamicDisplayNumber generation mode

3. Telnet:
- improved the viewing of the terminal output buffer to provide correct work when terminal output is in progress
- provided more correct "rubber rect" drawing/processing

4. XServer:
- the X11R6.6 sources are utilized
- implemented the "GLX_PixelFormat=..." manual setting into OPENGL32 ChoosePixelFormat() system call to decrease the unexpected 100-sec delay (some especial CAD-oriented NVIDIA drivers show such an incorrect behaviour)
- implemented the "TraceFontsRequests=..." KbdMacros to dynamically change the XServer's TraceFontsRequests mode
- implemented more correct naming/copying/renaming of the "xserver[N].out" file
- renovated the "rgb.txt" file to satisfy some new RGB color names requests

The following bugs have been fixed

2. XServer:
- XServer/Single+TWEAKui: suppressed unnecessary internal SetActiveHwnd calls
- fixed an incorrect FontServer reconnection (with 100% CPU usage)

Major differences 1.3/Release:20040707 from 1.2/Release:20040223 version

The following enhancements have been made

1. Installation:
- implemented the "-auto2" option for "setup.exe". This is the same as "-auto" option with the only difference: the Finish dialog message is suppressed

2. Comsetup:
- implemented the "Enable TCP/IP KeppAlive mode" setting
- implemented the "Enable Logotype" setting

3. Startup:
- implemented the randomized RLOGIN initial portnumber to avoid possible rejection of connection

4. XSettings:
- implemented the "Auto" mode of the "DisplayNumber" setting. Free Display Number will be auto-generated
- implemented the "Auto-reject unauthorized X-Clients" setting to "silently" reject unauthorized X-Clients
- implemented the "Keyboard Mapping for Linux" setting to provide "close-to-Linux" keyboard mapping. This would be useful for some applications of KDE 3.x package (say, "kwrite" editor) that do not recognize correctly some keys (e.g. "Shift"+arrows conbinations)

5. XServer:
- improved the XDMCP usage from PC that has more than one IP address
- improved the output of the "Trace Fonts Requests" setting to show the real fontnames used
- now output log files for different Display Numbers have different names
- added starting of xfontsel in the XServer's "Run" menu
- implemented the "PrStat()" keyboard Macros to output useful additional information at any time

The following bugs have been fixed

1. XServer:
- the "Xwpwsock.dll" incorrectly provided the "writev()" action in rare cases
- incorrect using of the multimonitor configuration when Monitor#2 set to left from Monitor#1
- implemented more accurate processing of the LocalRefresh after XStoreColors operations

Major differences 1.2/Release:20040223 from 1.0/Release:20030915 version

The following enhancements have been made

1. Telnet:
- a review of runaway lines (as "old screens") was improved

2. XServer:
- the virtual root size limit was changed from 8192x8192 to the value and the limit of "width*height <= 56Mb pixels"
- added the "DeceiveSuSE9=1" manual setting to allow XServer to be operational with Linux SuSE 9.0
- added the "EnableScaledFonts=1" manual setting to allow XServer to use scaled fonts

3. X-Clients:
- added two standard X-Clients: xlsfonts, xfontsel
- added the "X11/app-defaults" directory for resource files

The following bugs have been fixed

1. Telnet:
- fixed incorrect selecting of the full Telnet screen region
- fixed incorrect receiving of some national characters
- fixed some bugs in the "View of previous screens" mode

2. XServer/Single:
- 100% CPU usage might take place if the XDMCP mode is used;
- a mouse position could be wrong after MAXIMIZE of the XServer's window.

Undocumented Features

1. Comsetup:
- Implemented the "Disable Log Output" setting to prevent attempts to write in the ".out" and ".ini" files from any of the package's features.

2. Ping (renovated):
- The "*" wild card symbol may be used once in the IP address (in both IPv4 and/or IPv6 cases) to scan 256 hosts on the LAN.
Examples of correct IP addresses: "192.168.0.*", "fe80::250:baff:fef2:*42%4".

3. Telnet:
- The "SelectRect=0" line can be inserted into the "[telnet]" section of the xwp.ini file to set the selection by filling mode, which provides the traditional text highlighting selection.
- The "QuickClipBoard=1" line can be inserted into the "[telnet]" section of the xwp.ini file to set the "Quick Copy to Clipboard" mode, when the "Copy" performed on release of the left mouse button.
- The "CtrlCVmode=3" line can be inserted into the "[telnet]" section of the xwp.ini file to exactly set the traditional "Copy"/"Paste" key combination ("Ctrl+C"/"Ctrl+V"). Be careful, because in this mode you cannot send to remote application another "traditional" key combination "Ctrl+C" (break event). The "CtrlCVmode=5" is the default ("Ctrl_L+Shift_L+C"/"Ctrl_L+Shift_L+V").

4. XServer:
- The "DontUse_MOTIF_WM_HINTS=1" line can be inserted into the "[XSERVERdeb]" section of the xwp.ini file to prevent from processing the "_MOTIF_WM_HINTS" windows property.
- The "DontCheckWM_SIZE_HINTSinc=1" line can be inserted into the "[XSERVERdeb]" section of the xwp.ini file to prevent from processing the "WM_SIZE_HINTS" windows property.
- The "MAX_XSELECTION_BYTES=..." line can be inserted into the "[XSETUP]" section of the xwp.ini file to enlarge the default (1Mb) size of X-Selection which may be copied to/from the MS Windows Clipboard. E.g., the "MAX_XSELECTION_BYTES=2000000" line sets the ~2Mb limit.
- The "AllowCONTEXTMENU=1" line can be inserted into the "[XSETUP]" section of the xwp.ini file to allow the standard MS Windows Context Menu (when right-click on the windows title bar provides the standard drop-down menu).
- The "CheckXDesk=1" line can be inserted into the "[XSETUP]" section of the xwp.ini file to provide the correct focus processing by the XDesk virtual desktop manager.

5. XSettings:
- Implemented the "enable RENDER Extension" setting.

Known problems and limitations

1. XServer:
- Drawing partial arcs can be very slow.
- The CDE/XDMCP of the HP-UX host can provide infinite waiting time for a connection. To avoid this, the new "HP" fonts alias directory should be included into the XServer FontPath.
- The "Forced Backing Store" setting can provide wrong screen re-displaying in some cases (e.g., Netscape scrolling).


The programs associated in this package may send and/or receive broadcast IP requests. Since such packets cannot cross the nearest firewall/gateway/router, please be sure that these IP requests are invisible from outside your network. We assume that such behavior cannot be considered as "Hacking" or "Trojan horse's action".

Product PAD-files are available here.

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